Bernardo Antunes thinker, father & world citizen
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Hello, I am going to make a better world!

Like in a bee hive, each person is born with specific skills that are essential for a healthy global ecosystem.

Because of that, it is important for you to ask yourself: "What is my call? What makes me feel happy and fulfilled?". You can be anything, a farmer, a teacher, an engineer, a creator, even a spiritual guide, all types of existence are important to the creation and preservation of a healthy community and the consequent advancement of the human race.

Whether you want it or not, your actions will have consequences, and each consequence can have a positive or negative value. In the end, the value of your existence will be the sum of the value of all your actions. So consequently, every person will make a change in the world.

I have decided to make a better world!

Lastest projects

asDesigned Logo


A proof of concept to show the current limitations of responsive design and how it can be solved. asDesigned gives back the power to the designers so that they can make their design to be asDesigned.

Unit Grid System Logo

Unit Grid System

A Unitless, Fluid, Elastic, Semantic, Responsive, Scalable, Debuggable, Declarative, Simple to use Grid System! And... HTML5 and CSS3 Ready!